I'm starting something new


Today marks the start of a new project for me. My plan, which I intend to see delivered, is to build a SaaS product that I can operate in my spare time, and that can provide some useful level of supplementary income. I'm going to keep the source code private, but I'm going to update on my progress every single day for the foreseeable future. Sometimes the updates will be blog posts, sometimes they will be tweets, sometime they will (hopefully) be videos, but every day I will be publishing something to let the world know how I'm getting on. I'm also going to be as transparent as possible about costs, revenue, and whatever other financial metrics I encounter along the way.

So what's the product?

I feel comfortable explaining this because everything I read online tells me that it's execution, rather than ideas that count. Also I have literally no audience at the moment, so I'm pretty sure I'm safe.

The product is a website to help with making the hiring process more efficient, specifically aimed (for now anyway) at software companies, but it's probably generalisable to a broader audience in future. The idea is that a lot of the hiring process currently takes place on spreadsheets, or in emails, and a lot of it boils down to who remembers to follow up with who. Staff can spend ages digging up old notes or feedback on candidates. Candidates recruitment experiences can vary wildly, and important details can get lost along the way, costing time, money, and sometimes the candidates themselves.

What I'd like to do is to be able to provide a service that lets my app manage the process part of hiring. Keeping track of who has applied, where they are in the hiring process, and what actions do my users need to take to keep on top of it all.

Key drivers:

  • Employee time is expensive, the hiring process should occupy as little of their time as possible
  • Part of recruitment is selling your company to prospective employees, you should make sure you're being as professional as possible for best results
  • The process needs to be reliable and objective to make sure you get the best outcomes as an employer.

If it's working well, the complexity and wasted overhead of hiring new employees should be considerably lowered, and the overall experience should be better and more professional for everyone involved.

Ok, so how far have you got?

Not far. Not yet anyway, this is day 0 of the whole thing. It's not built yet, it's not even designed yet. It's currently just a feeling that I can take this idea, run with it, and improve the status quo of the hiring process. Stay tuned for more, which I can confidently say will be coming tomorrow. If you'd like to follow along, you can sign up for my as-yet non-existent newsletter (below), or follow me on my twitter - or ideally do both!

I'll see you tomorrow.